Happy Friendship Day Quotes And Gifts In English 2017


                  Friendship Day is dedicated to the bond of friendship and companionship and is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This year 2017, it will be celebrated on 6th August. The occasion began as a small event, to commemorate the relation shared by friends. Today, it has taken the shape of a grand festival. Over the passing years, the festivities related to Friendship Day have become even more colorful. The exchange of gifts, flowers, friendship bands and greeting cards has become an important part, rather, a tradition of Friendship Day.

Friendship Day Quotes.



" World Is Full Of Smiles, Whenever Friends Are With Me.  "


" A Hug Is Worth A Thousand Words. A Friend Is Worth More. "


" It’S The Friends You Can Call Up At 4 A.M. That Matter.  "


" It Takes A Long Time To Grow An Old Friend. -John Leonard "


" Do I Not Destroy My Enemies When I Make Them My Friends?  "


" My Best Friend Is The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me.  "


" Never Forget Who Was There For You When No One Else Was.  "


" A True Friend Reaches For Your Hand And Touches Your Hear. "


" A Single Rose Can Be My Garden.. A Single Friend, My World. "


" Friendship Isn'T A Big Thing It'S A Million Little Things.  "


" Friendship Is Blessed On Trust, Without It There Is Nothing.  "


" Fake Friends Believe In Rumors. Real Friends Believe In You.  "


" Relation Of Friendship Is Greater Then The Relation Of Blood.  "


" Friends Let You Know That You Are Not Alone On The Road Of Life "


" The Greatest Gift Of Life Is Friendship, And I Have Received It. "


" It Is Better To Live Alone. There Is No Friendship With A Fool.  "


" It Would Be Easier To Cut Off My Hand Than Lost You As My Friend. "


" If All My Friends Were Flowers, I Would Look Around And Pick You. "


" Only A True Best Friend Can Protect U From Your Immortal Enemies. "


" A Friend Is Someone Who Knows All About You And Still Loves You.  "


" Only A True Best Friend Can Protect You From Your Immortal Enemies. "


" Love Begins With A Smile Grows With A Kiss And End With Tear Drop.  "


" Friendship Is Like A Paper Once It'S Crumpled It Can'T Be Perfect.  "


" Rare As Is True Love, True Friendship Is Rarer. Happy Friendship Day "


" Through Life We Suffer. Through Friends We Never Have To Suffer Alone "


" A Good Friend Finds It Harder To Hold A Pencil Than To Hold A Grudge. "


" Friendship Is The Only Cement That Will Ever Hold The World Together. "


" Friendship Is A Incurable Diseases Which Will Finish After The Death. "


" The Best Time To Make Friends Is Before You Need Them. #Loveoffriends "


" Through Life We Suffer. Through Friends We Never Have To Suffer Alone "


" One Loyal Friend Is Worth Ten Thousand Relatives. Happy Friendship Day "


" There Is Nothing On This Earth More To Be Prized Than True Friendship. "


" One Loyal Friend Is Worth Ten Thousand Relatives. Happy Friendship Day "


" Friendship Is The Only Cement That Will Ever Hold The World Together.  "


" True Friendship Comes When Silence Between Two People Is Comfortable.  "


" My Best Friend Is The Man Who In Wishing Me Well Wishes It For My Sake. "


" Friends Are The Roses Of Life: Pick Them Carefully And Avoid The Thorns. "


" A Best Friend Is Like A Four Leaf Cover. Hard To Find And Luck To Have.  "


" A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World Walks Out.  "


" Good Friends Are Hard To Find, Difficult To Leave, Impossible To Forget.  "


" Beware When You Are Judging You Friends, For They Maybe Judging You First. "


" A True Friend Sees The First Tear, Catches The Second An Stops The Third.  "


" Friends Are Notes To Life'S Great Songs. A Melody That Carries You Along.  "


" My Friends Are The Weirdest, Most Craziest People I Know But I Love Them.  "


" Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light. "


" There Is Nothing Better Than A Friend, Unless It Is A Friend With Chocolate.  "


" True Friends Are The People Who Brighten Your Smile Every Time Your With Them. "


" My Best Friend Is The Only Person In The World Who Could Stop Me From Crying.  "


" You Make Me Spend A Lot And It Is Worth It Because I Care About You My Friend.  "


Happy Friendship Day Gifts


          What is Friendship? Well it is that bond of affection which is shared duly between two and many individuals. And Friendship Day is that special day in the year when these individuals pledges to stand by each other at whatever circumstances may come. Thus folks, its time to show your pals how much you care and as well love. Make them realise their true worth and their importance in your life, so that they can feel special as well wanted. Hence in order to help you with the required proceedings, The HolidaySpot provide its readers with unique ideas and plans with which they can surely enchant their friends to a greater extent. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and go through the exciting Gifts which are enlisted below and which are sure to enthral you as well your dear friends. Keep surprising your friends! Make sure you do not forget to mention as well recommend this page your social site networks.




Friendship Bands


   Friendship Band is one of the most popular Friendship Gift. Many colorful friendship bands hit the stores much ahead of Friendship Day. Instead of the conventional wristbands, one can go for the friendship bracelets which come in attractive designs for both boys and girls. This way your Friendship Day can stay longer with your friends besides it works as token of your love. 





Flowers are beautiful way to express your wishes with your friend.If you Friend love flowers then gift him some flowers at early morning.





Books make a thoughtful Friendship Gift idea for friends fond of reading. But it is important to keepin mind the choice of your friend while selecting the book. Generally, you may give books of quotes or inspirational books.



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